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Both the San Francisco Flower Market and the Central SoMa neighborhood have evolved over the last century. As Central SoMa prepares for major growth and reshaping, Kilroy will lead the historic San Francisco Flower Mart site at 6th and Brannan into its new role as the focal point of a dynamic, mixed-use space that offers a unique take on the urban lifestyle.


Today, Kilroy Realty and the San Francisco Flower Market are looking forward to making Potrero Hill the new home for future generations of local sellers, growers, florists, and their many creative and entrepreneurial wholesale and customers. 901 16th Street will be the workplace to over 350 employees, revitalizing an underutilized block while preserving the character and blue-collar history of Potrero Hill. For more information on this exciting project, please visit 901 16th Street.


As part of the transformation of Central SoMa into a vibrant, transit-oriented neighborhood, the Flower Mart Project will be complemented by over 100,000 square feet of diverse, neighborhood-serving experiential retail, including a robust and porous Market Hall along Brannan Street that will provide an attractive and accessible retail experience for those working, living, and playing in the neighborhood. Open to Brannan Street and connecting through to the substantial public plazas, the Market Hall will be the public face of the new Flower Mart Project, creating a destination that will attract local artisans and consumers from across the region.​


Rising above the vibrant retail and pedestrian-oriented experience will be a series of LEED Platinum-certified creative office buildings connected by sky bridges, giving tenants the flexibility to enjoy either large or medium-sized floorplates. A mix of rustic and modern facades and a low-rise podium building above the Market Hall on Brannan Street celebrates the industrial history and creative future of the neighborhood. Amenity decks, located on several levels throughout the buildings, will contribute to a healthy office environment by providing office workers with a convenient connection to the outdoors. These amenity zones, featuring attractive seating zones, recreational areas, and kiosks are additionally activated by the adjacent market hall and dynamic landscaping, which will also extend the visual and functional identity of space.


A series of integrated stairs throughout the site connect an expansive street-level public open space to interesting and inviting features for visitors and tenants to explore and enjoy. The plazas will be the focal point of the Central SoMa neighborhood, which is currently lacking in high quality, well-maintained public open space. Boasting several convenient access points, connecting through the Market Hall, and encouraging pedestrian activity from nearby public transit, the plazas will also act as a programmable space for events such as floral exhibitions, farmers markets, movie nights, and more. Pedestrian connections woven through the site are designed to address the recommendation of the Central SoMa Plan to link the surrounding city blocks to create a sense of neighborhood and community.

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